Can You Take Advantage of a First-Time Home Buyer Program More than Once?

Tuesday Jun 09th, 2020



You are considered a first-time homebuyer if:

  • You have never purchased a home before or
  • You have recently experienced a breakdown of a marriage or common-law partnership or 
  • You did not occupy a home that you or your current spouse or common-law partner owned in the last 4 years or 
  • One individual in the couple has never owned a home  

Question: We have been renting our home for the last 3 years. But, my spouse sold his house 3 years ago. Do I or my husband qualify?

You may qualify for the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive  and the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) but your husband does not. If you wait another year, both you and your husband will qualify.

Question: Are there other programs available to help first-time buyers?

Yes, first-time home buyer can apply for a municipal land transfer tax rebate.

Question: Are there other programs that help people afford a home?

Yes, Options for Homes helps you realize your dream of owning a home. Options is a developer that offers loans towards their condo projects. A new Scarborough condo project will be taking registrations for the Options for Homes program in the fall of 2020. Get on the list for more information here.



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