Best Movie Message

Thursday Aug 08th, 2019


                              Meet the Robinsons (Disney - 2007)

My niece had the opportunity to work as a camp councilor for the YMCA last summer. She discovered that working in child care is not a path she will follow. Now she can try a different path.

Meet the Robinsons should be required viewing at every grade school, high school and new parent course. 

Failing a course, or losing a game, when we try our best, should not be an embarrassment. Loosing helps build character. 

And, when you discover what doesn't work it gives you the opportunity to try something new and eventually find what does work. The key is to keep trying and "Keep Moving Forward".   Walt Disney

Note: the movie is based on A Day with Wilbur Robinson, a children's picture book written by William Joyce in 1990.

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